Because our profession examines the interaction between a brand and its consumers, and our job is to understand what makes them tick, we have created a department solely dedicated to research studies, monitoring, and innovation.



The devil is in the details, and the inspiration too. In mature markets, insights can found by going back to the basics, as a tell-tale sign of evolution in progress. And following the customer in real time proves to be the surest way to detect underlying personal tendencies.

Give priority to ethnographic methodologies and trend monitoring by analysing customer low-signals.


Take off, but always land on your feet. If generating knowledge is key, it only has value if converted into opportunity. The operationality of our findings therefore becomes a obsession, with the business objective as the focal point.

Presentation of study findings in a way which is both actionable and inspiring. Transform knowledge into action via insightment and idea generation workshops.


The Image as a true contribution. blackbox is the inheritor of the agency’s creative culture. For us, the image goes well beyond the illustration. The image is a tool for accuracy, inspiration, and facilitation.

The use of visual tools during reseach and ideation, and involvement of the creative studio in all innovation processes.